BEYOND workshop by Ian Slesinger and Susanne van den Hooff held in Paris

Dr. Ian Slesinger from Trilateral Research and Dr. Susanne van den Hooff from University of Humanistic Studies delivered a workshop for the ENRIO Congress 2023 at the Sorbonne University in Paris titled “Context, Organisational Cultures and Diversity in Research Ethics and Integrity (REI).”

The workshop discussed the findings of the State-of-the-Art scoping review on factors contributing to Research Misconduct (RM) and Questionable Research Practices (QRPs) conducted as part of the BEYOND project. It the used these findings as a basis for discussion amongst the workshop participants on how to better negotiate challenges stemming from the tension between the concept of universal and fixed principles for REI, and the diversity of factors that contribute to REI and mitigating RM and QRPs. This included engaging and insightful discussion of how to incorporate diversity between disciplines, such as the qualitative social sciences, in REI principles, teaching and practice.

The workshop also engaged with how REI principles can be more nuanced in regard to geographical differences and socio-economic inequalities. A third area of discussion focused on how diverse institutional factors including research funding, researcher pay and employment conditions, and individual factors such as career stage, gender, and researchers’ mental health and wellbeing influence RCR and how REI teaching and practice can better encompass these issues.