Ethics Management Plan


Mbanya, Vivian & Bernabe, Rose

About this Deliverable

Most of the WPs, except for WP8, will do research, and in several of the WPs, research participants will be involved, stakeholders will be consulted, and personal data will be processed. This document outlines how
the project ensures the highest ethical standards of research will be maintained and upheld.
The project will, in all instances, comply fully with standard research ethics principles and only collect data
with the required ethics approvals (for the interventional studies) and the informed consent of the participating stakeholders (for all studies requiring research participants). Benefit-sharing, in the form of
sharing research products, is intrinsic in the project as all deliverables will be made available open-access.
All potential participants are non-vulnerable adults with full capacity to consent. The data will be archived by the responsible partner institutions based on their SOPs. Unless restricted by privacy and confidentiality
considerations and GDPR requirements, data will also be published in FAIR data repositories, such as Zenodo.
A detailed description of data protection and sharing is outlined in D8.1: Data Management Plan.
The processing of the collected personal data will comply fully with the General Data Protection Regulation (, and pertinent national data protection law.

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