Erika Löfström

Erika Löfström

Professor of Education

University of Helsinki 

Erika Löfström is Professor of Education at the University of Helsinki. She has a PhD in Education from the same university. Her research areas include research ethics and integrity, and related teaching, learning and supervision processes. She has been involved in prior EU-funded RI/RE projects /ENERI, Virt2ue, RIDSS-SIS) and is the leader of WP4 in BEYOND (with involvement also in WP1, WP5, WP6 and WP7). Löfström is an experienced teacher of RE/RI and has been involved in national and institutional processes on developing guidelines in RI and RE; she was a long-time chair of the non-medical ethics review board at the University of Helsinki, vice-chair of the Finnish National Board on Research Integrity, and board member of the Finnish national funder and expert organisation in science and research Academy of Finland. She is a member of the Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters and the chair of the University of Helsinki Ethics Council advising the Rector on ethical matters.

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