Kadri Simm

Kadri Simm

Associate Professor of Practical Philosophy

University of Tartu

Kadri Simm has an interdisciplinary background in philosophy (PhD, Tartu), history (Tartu) and gender studies (CEU, Budapest). She has been teaching moral and political philosophy and practical ethics courses to undergraduates as well as PhD students from a variety of backgrounds (philosophy, medicine, engineering) for more than two decades. Much of her research is focused on bioethics, including conceptual work as well as empirical bioethics studies and also research ethics. In addition to her academic publications she has co-written a children’s book on values, regularly writes for Estonian media and has contributed to several health policy working groups. She is research integrity counsellor for the faculty of Arts and Humanities of University of Tartu and has been an Estonian PI for numerous international research projects.  

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